Shipping Times and Rates

Shipping Rates and Times

All orders include tracking number.

Please allow 3-4 working days to receive tracking number.


 Average Delivery time: 10-21 working days


Unfortunately, from time to time shipping carriers may lose a package, it is just the nature of shipping products. In the case the shipping carrier loses a shipment, we will remake and reship a replacement order at our cost. However, please note the following important exceptions;
  1. It's up to us to determine if a package is truly lost or just delayed. If we feel the package is delayed, we may ask you to continue to wait for the shipment.
  2. If the tracking is marked as delivered or attempted delivery, we consider the package to be delivered. This is not a lost package. In most cases, a neighbor received the shipment and the you can simply ask their neighbor, their shipment is being held by a doorman or another person responsible for final delivery of mail at that address. With a little bit of effort these packages are typically located.
  3. We ask all customers to frequently check their tracking information as in some cases, parcels will be delivered to a "pickup point". It is the customers responsibility to collect it as non collected parcels will be returned to us after the number of days the parcel can be held for has passed. The customer must then pay shipping charges to resend out the item.
  4. International orders. For international orders, it's common that the package will held by customs which can delay the shipping time. This is completely out of our hands. Some countries are slower than others. Please be patient.